Parasite [2015]

The first full-length Schisolation album, more rugged and heavier than the Vaccine EP. Parasite shows the complete disintegration of personality, through progressive denial of everything, alienation, nihilistic attitude toward relationships and descending into sexual aggression. The compositions are more spacious, built mostly with low tuned guitars, pulsating synthesizers, industrial backgrounds and shaky vocals, but there is also a lot of surprising and unusual solutions. The songs are often formal experiments that help introduce the subject of the ongoing chaos of mental illness.

Vaccine EP
Vaccine EP [2010]

The first approach to an overall concept of Schisolation and a reference to the termination of the previous project :scheuermann:. The album shows only an outline of mental illness, the onset of multiple personality and the collapse of social and sexual relationships. Musically Vaccine is a collection of multi-layered compositions, created using multiple electronic instruments, guitars, pianos and dense drum beats, which together form a wall of sound, contrasting with the rather calm, low vocals.